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LicenseAnalyzer 2020

Align engineering software resources with business needs to reduce expenses

LicenseAnalyzer2020™ is a complete engineering software management solution that supports over 6000 applications.

It meters software applications, regardless of
licensing managers, by collecting usage data from a
wide variety of sources, and provides an enterprise overview of your organization’s software usage
showing when and by whom these assets are being
used over time, by location, business unit, or project


Stop paying for unused or underutilized applications

Optimize active and inactive consumption of licenses

Analytics for better
vendor negotiations

Choose your Optimization Level

LicenseAnalyzer2020 is offered in three levels of functionality


Collect usage data from a wide range of sources to meter checked-out licenses or applications.

  • Real-Time License Reporting
  • Historical License Usage
  • Application Metering Per Project
  • Supported License Managers
  • Supported Applications
  • Web Application Metering

Reports take seconds not hours.

Leverage utilization trends and analysis to make smarter decisions.

Enable accurate and fair chargeback for project based companies.

Over 35 license managers are supported.


Over 6000 applications are supported.

Measure website usage and other cloud applications.


Meter the activity levels of all standalone or server-based applications, cloud or on-premise to determine whether the applications are truly being actively used.

  • Active vs Inactive Application Usage
  • Standalone and Server Applications
  • Application Resource Usage
  • Active Heatmap Report

Measure True Usage based on CPU, I/O, keyboard and mouse metering.

Track standalone applications by installing a client on every machine.

Set your own policies and priorities. Customize inactivity based on CPU, I/O, keyboard and mouse metering.

Visualize usage reports based on heat maps.


Automate license optimization.

  • Automated License Harvesting
  • User Pop-up Before Suspend
  • Suspend and Resume
  • Prioritize Users or User Groups
  • Optimize Scheduling
  • License Utilization Percentage

Increase license efficiency.

Remind end users to close applications if not being used.

Suspend, hibernate, and release licenses based on predetermined policies and priorities.

Change priorities based on needs.

Leverage different timezones for optimal schedules.

Set restrictions on usage.

Additional Plug-ins

License Predictor

Forecasting and anomaly detection tool that analyzes current and historical usage data to predict future trends in license usage.


Advanced system that provides administrators a centralized portal for the administration and management of license files and license servers.

License Planner

Aligning IT with business strategy boils down to how business unit managers make decisions about financing.


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License Analyzer 2020

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Solutions using LicenseAnalyzer2020

Enterprise-wide Monitoring

Obtain an accurate overview
of IT assets
View the usage of all applications. Real-time reports on a single portal that generate accurate historical usage of applications associate with a license manager. These data can be imported to your preferred BI tool.

IT Chargeback

Simplify audit and enable IT
Implement a fair chargeback system based upon actual usage data which can be broken down to departments, business units, projects, user groups or individuals.

Optimize License Usage

Track and recover unused
software licenses
Discover opportunities for optimization by identifying the true active usage of your software applications and automatically harvesting idle licenses.

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